How to Spy Someone’s Skype Account Using ShackSpy Tool

I talk freely about spying and hacking in ways that make it sound illegal most of the time. It’s that thinly veiled legality the one that has allowed an existence of tools that serve a purpose of enforcing some levels of supervision required in concrete situations. Concerned parents with growing children, business owners that have full control of their employee’s whereabouts at working hours with company smartphones. Those are two of the most common scenarios that require the use of software dedicated to keeping track of an information traffic that goes out of those devices.

Physically “hacking” those devices certainly have some legal implications, most of this tech it’s not supposed to be tampered with, just used as it comes. While most of the hack tools that take place in the computer world are done in remote locations, some of the most complex ones require some form of interaction with a device that could be hacked. That’s where a line must be drawn. A complex intervention like this one is set by criminals when their goals involve stealing data or creating backdoor-hidden decentralized networks to handle financial information. A utility like ShackSpy – Skype Hack Tool keeps you away from all that hassle.

What is the ShackSpy?

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ShackSpy is a practical tool that is very easy to use. The primary function of an utility is to grant access to Skype accounts to keep track of conversations and a data that goes out of any smart device using the Skype app. Once installed, you need to set up the program to see registry of messages shared with a targeted account as well as a video chats that take place using their device. ShackSpy has one of the most user-friendly interfaces ever offered in a supervision utility with a special function named “Password finder” that grants instant access to any account by cracking a Skype password and giving you instant access to it.

Who Created This App?

The ShackSpy app was developed by a team of ethical hackers from Germany and Russia that have an ongoing interest on problems that take place in their countries due to bad use of social networks and communication apps that are lined with robust encryption features. According to their “About us” statement, the team behind this project have all longstanding presence in the world of computing as web and tech developers in some of the most high profile companies in the world. ShackSpy is their pet project and also a way to increase a supervision means to concerned adults that have young people under their supervision.

How does the ShackSpy works?

It currently has a presence in all operative systems available in the world. The app can be downloaded from its website on domain It can be used from mobile devices and on desktops PC’s as well. Technicalities behind a functionality of ShackSpy are a bit complex. Is enough to say that the team behind this app has made it possible to connect with any Skype account tracked by the app by setting up a series of proxies that renew your IP address each time you log on the utility to do a follow-up. This makes you virtually invisible as you review the info on some account. It also keeps your identity hidden so no one can track an use of the app back to you.

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The Original Purpose of This Software

ShackSpy also makes it pretty clear they have no affiliation to Skype, nor does any of the developers work in the company. They are just a bunch of tech enthusiasts that have gathered to offer a solution to a valid concerns of a group of people that needs to have monitored an online activities of workers or kids under their supervision. The tool also offers certain utilities to those who never seem to remember a password since it can be applied on your own account if you ever manage to forget about the keyword to get access. A temptation to have a girlfriend or a potential suitor under supervision will be powerful. While ShackSpy doesn’t condone using their utility to stalk loved ones, they can do very little to prevent it.
Make sure to use ShackSpy a right way, after all the tool has a practical use that helps overcome concerns and builds trust in families and work-related relationships.