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In this article you’re going to learn how to hack Telegram messenger app and spy conversations anonymously of any account you desire.

But first let’s introduce you into what Telegram messaging app actually is. (For you who already know, you can skip the first two paragraphs and go to the main topic.)

The telegram has become one of the handiest apps when it comes to communications. While the company was founded and registered in London, it was Russian entrepreneurs Nikolai and Pavel Durov who created the app using open source coding. Right now it has nearly overtaken competitors such as WhatsApp in a market where every big name is making instant messaging over the internet such an easy task. Security has been the standard feature of Telegram. The app prides itself of offering top-quality encryption to handle all forms of communication, including timed messages that can be deleted without leaving any trace.

Telegram app features

Given by its functionality, it’s easy to understand why it has become so popular in such a short time, within five years since being introduced in 2013 Telegram is the second most downloaded communication app on every single corner of the world. Leaving in the dust paid options such as Skype or other free services such as Google Talk. The high level of security and the many communicational options provided by Telegram also make it an ongoing concern for many security agencies that until not so long ago were unable to track the movements of known criminal because they used the app with relative easiness.

A Little Crack on the Armor

It was bound to happen. At some point, someone would find a little weakness in the coding of Telegram. After all, no technology is safe from being traceable. The secret chat rooms that are created between common parties and the timed messages that go away after a brief period can be visible if you know what to do. That little crack is located somewhere in the homegrown safety protocol named MTProto and in the SQL databases. While Telegram developers seem to do their best to find the vulnerability, they haven’t been able to find the line of code that gives this opening to hack trough. This is not a reason to get paranoid. However, if you are here looking for info about the security of Telegram, you have very little to worry about if you are not engaged in illegal activities.

The Valid Reasons for Concern of a Regular Joe

If you are one of the million people using Telegram as your main communicational app, you probably expect some reassurances from it, especially if you have a family group, kids or a particular case in your family that needs supervision. That’s where TeleHacker comes into play.
This app can be set up in a separate smart device or in your desktop to monitor the messages sent and received by a specific account logged on Telegram on a different device. Shortly said, you’re able to spy Telegram chats using this tool.

Telegram Hack ToolThe team behind TeleHacker knows that concerned family heads such as parents or legal guardians need to monitor everything their kids do, especially if they have a story of getting in trouble. The app works smoothly by allowing remote access in a very efficient anonymous fashion.
All this might sound too good to be true, but you just need to try for yourself! What it has been branded as one of the greatest strengths of Telegram has also become their Achilles heel. Open coding is easily traceable and modified, so the developers of TeleHacker know how to intervene with the code to keep the opening running at all moments. You can check the communications of a separate account as well as all the files that are sent between two parties. If you need to go the extra step, you can also check the timed messages history as well as the secret chartrooms created by the user. While it doesn’t sound too ethical, being safe is much better than being sorry, wouldn’t you agree?

So, How Does TeleHacker Works and Where to Find it?

It’s pretty simple actually: you need to access the website of the app from your personal computer or smartphone on domain at
Once you double click the .exe file or hit the install button, the app will be set up automatically and run for the first time.
How do you get access to someones account? Easy as pie: just follow the friendly user menu and place the phone number or the user you wish to visualize and voila! You’ll have instant access to the activity of the account and all the data it has exchanged for a certain period of time. You don’t need to perform any jailbreaks on Apple devices to make it work since most of the features that make the app work is related to coding.

The source of the data feed created by TeleHacker to work at all times is closely related to hosting, and all matters related to SQL databases that are tasked to handle the data generated by third parties and store them are pretty easy to visualize. As expected, they are especially vulnerable if they are built using open code. The dynamics of these events are a bit complex but are enough to say that even on decentralized networks this information can be tracked pretty easy and hack trough if you know what to do. The guys working for TeleHacker have developed a method called SQL injection that works directly over the data dumped by Telegram when they change servers to keep the app running. Each time this happens is an opening to get access and offer their users a peek at what it has been going on with the people they need to supervise.

Closing Thoughts

TeleHacker is one of the most solid apps to keep spy of your loved ones. In a perfect world you wouldn’t need something like this, but if you suspect shenanigans from a family member or a cheating partner now, you can know by keeping track of everything they do as long as they are Telegram users.

This Telegram hack tool is meant to be used as a reassurance solution, so it would be best to use it with that state of mind and avoid it for any other purpose.