Cell Phone Tracker – Find Location of Any Mobile Phone

Cell Phone Tracker

Have you ever wondered where you left your mobile phone? You may try to call it only to realize that it is dead or you had it on silent the night before. Either way, you can’t call it and hear the ringtone to know where it is. Many times, you aren’t sure where you left your phone; it may have been dropped at the store or left at a friend’s house. It could even have been stolen without your knowledge. The point is that you need a way to track it and find it when you lose it.

MSniffer is the way to go!

MSniffer is one of the newer mobile tracking software options for phones. It is designed to find any location of a desired cell phone just by entering the calling number.

The developer’s goal was to create a singular solution for users who lose their mobile phone, have it stolen, or want to track someone else’s location from their mobile device. The developer uses a special GPS system that works by gathering satellite signals across the globe, catching calls to various mobile phones when the MSniffer is started. Users can get a precise location of their desired cell phone, which is displayed on a map. The map provides navigation to help you get to the phone, even if it is moving.

An Overview of the App Screen

MSniffer - Phone Tracking App

When you initially start the application, you see their logo, which is a cell phone with a bulls-eye symbol around it and their name to the side. Underneath is the phone information area where you enter the country of origin of the phone and a phone number. Once that information in there, you tap the Locate button. Once it is found, the map shows beneath the phone information. You can choose Earth view or traditional view. Then, you can pinpoint exactly where it is. You can also choose full screen to help you see things easier. Along with such, you can click the refresh button as often as necessary, which is a helpful function if your phone is moving.

Download MSniffer App

You can download the software from its official website.

Note: The newer, upgraded and more stable version of MSniffer has been released and project renamed. Check out the CellSpotting App.

It’s made for desktop and smartphone devices. For operating systems:
Windows, Mac OS-X, Android (Apk) and Apple’s iOS.

How this Technology is Possible

This process and technology have been around for many decades, but most application developers haven’t utilized it like MSniffer. They also have access to connect with any satellite device throughout the world. Every device has a particular exploit in their source code that allowed the company to develop their program. In it, the program acts like part of the satellite and shades itself from view; the satellite is unaware that the program is there, so the application can get into the GPS system and work on the same frequencies. The process is legal and very similar to radio connections. As you scroll through to find a station, you have to get on the right frequency to do so. It’s similar with the satellite GPS, but the primary difference is that the satellite signal isn’t freely open like radio signals are. Therefore, the developer had to do some hacking to get inside their coding.

Why Use the Tool

The MSniffer application is highly beneficial and has many advantages. Society today shows that almost every person in the world has a cell phone and almost all of them now have GPS systems. Therefore, each phone is considered a mark, and they just link that mark to a map to help you see where it is. Of course, the app can’t tell you who has the phone, where it is going (if it is moving), or much else, but you can find the phone and take the next step to retrieve it.

The positives of using the tool are that you can find a lost or stolen phone, but you can also find someone who has been kidnapped if they have a cell phone. The app can also be used to determine if the device is on and the signal is working correctly.

While not necessarily a positive vibe, you can use the application to track your significant other. You may wonder if your husband is really at work or your wife is really at the doctor. While the company doesn’t condone snooping or spying, you can definitely use the app for these purposes. Just be prepared in case the worst happens, and your spouse or significant other is cheating on you. As stated earlier, this may not be a positive, but at least you know and have the information.

Other benefits include having the latest stealth program available, the ability to find your phone’s location within minutes, and ease of use. You can quickly enter the information and just sit back and relax while it finds the phone of your choice.

As with everything in life, there are some disadvantages, as well. For example, you are violating someone’s privacy without their permission or knowledge. However, if you are using the app because your phone was stolen or lost, that isn’t a problem. You should note that no one can tell that you are tracking them, which ensures that you can stay hidden if you do decide to snoop on your family members or loved ones.