Hack Instagram Password

At this page I decided to learn you how to hack Instagram password.

Before I continue with the method. I have made this disclaimer below with which you’re agreeing with by reading this article.

You are allowed to use next information for personal and educational purpose only! It is strictly forbidden to hack other people Instagram accounts with the tutorial learned in this post.
By doing the opposite, you held all responsibility and risks which may have occur after. Because the action might be considered as illegal in most countries.

Ok now let’s continue to the method.

A group of my fellows members from Hackforums.net made a software which can crack passwords of many login pages out there at the web of many websites. Later they modified one specially for Instagram to make it customized and much faster, and called it “InstaRipper”.

Instagram Hack

InstaRipper is a specifically built software made in purpose to find a right matching password of desired Instagram account by user’s choice. It uses a well known old method of cracking called “brute-force” but in InstaRipper’s case this brute-forcing algorithm is more upgraded to provide modern way of much faster and reliable cracking attack.

Download InstaRipper App:

The tool is available to download at its released website. Click the button below to get it.


Supported operating systems:

Smartphones: iOS & Android .apk
Desktop: Windows & Apple Mac

Instructions for Usage:

Step 1: Getting the program.
Click the button above to go its official website where the link for direct download is located. Unfortunately I am not allowed to share software direct download link here because that would break its copyright policy.

Desktop users will have to unzip the archived file before running the executable setup file. Just use a common programs like WinZip or WinRar to unpack the downloaded file. Then double click to run the setup and finish a short step by step installing process to get ready the app for usage.

Mobile phone users will just have to download and install their preferable application just like usual (Android or iOS operating systems). No need to jailbreak an iPhone to use the InstaRipper. It’s just required to do a small change in settings with a date time option to set a year to one year back or current time before installing the app. This is some kind of tricking the iOS to ‘believe’ that the application is recognized by their AppStore. Since it’s forbidden to add hacking nature apps into the Apple’s App Store this is the only possible way to get the tool successfully installed on iOS devices.

Step 2: Using tool to hack Instagram accounts.
To accomplish its main role, we need to understand all of its commands first. As almost everything is pretty easy and user friendly to understand, there are two settings which sometimes can confuse users. And these are cookies and proxy checkboxes options.
Erase cookies will keep your online tracks uncovered so this means it provides more safety if you want that nobody can ever find our who performed a hacking activity.
Using proxy is one more option which helps in keeping your online identity safe and hidden. This will hide your IP address to fully different one. Which means it will even show your country to look different then your real one is.
It is highly recommended to check the both of these options, especially those users who plan to use InstaRipper to hack IG passwords of other people accounts.

After you’ve done everything right and started a hacking process, it will take a few minutes approximately until a desired account gets hacked. A login password will get displayed in a new pop out window of the software where you can copy it to a clipboard and use it to login.

So like you can see it’s not even hard to break into any Instagram account as long as the InstaRipper works and their developers are keeping it fresh and updated.

To download the tool use the button above to lead you to its main page.

Once again thanks for stopping by and see you guys again in my next tutorials!


  1. You’re not aware how much this helped me. Was so frustrated because I’ve completely lost access to my old Instagram account because I changed my phone and didn’t know a password to login again.

    I even forget which email address I have used when making that account, so without such this tool my profile would be probably lost forever 😐

    Thank you so much, Instaripper you definitely made my day haha *_*


  2. Is it just me or the latest released update of this app is so buggy?

    My problem is when I check the options to hide identity like proxy using, then after I click hack button and the tool progressbar goes somewhere to half the app just stops and the error is saying a network problem occurred, please try again. And no matter how many times I try, always same thing. I must say it’s also when I try on my mobile phone, same as with Macbook. I don’t have a Windows PC to test it tho..

    I’m scarred to try this without being undetected as it’s dangerous activity to play with haha. Hacking other Instagram accounts doesn’t seem so usual job people does that often so it’s better to protect ourselves haha xD

    Please if you somehow can help or give me some advice what to do I would much appreciate it.
    And thanks 🙂

  3. Finally managed to download it. I know you don’t have to do anything with making download system as you advertise this product. But developers could really make download more simple, as I needed to make some verification sh*t by installing multiple sponsored apps on my phone. But at the end it finally payed of. Found a password of my old Instagram profile back at last.

    I think I couldn’t find this Instaripper app without your post so thanks for sharing 🙂

  4. My situation was really bad. Account stolen, username changed, password and email changed. There wasn’t any working solution to get back my precious account with 8k real followers which needed years to built. After weeks of desperate searching web for some working help how to recover my account back I’ve finally stumbled across your site. Thank you so much, saved me from suicide haha <3

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