Facebook & Instagram Password Cracking – Attempting to Create a Software

There was a lot discussion about hacking Facebook accounts recently at some geek forums. After my deeply research into this I’ve discovered there is a guy who managed to build a program especially for this purpose. That made me stoned and motivational of course. Because if he did it, why I can’t? (I think every passionate programmer would think same).

I looked up for reviews to see if this is just some kind of joke or not, and according to all posts and comments in his thread it looked like it was really a true. For those who are curious, down is the best Facebook hacking software he made which breaks Instagram accounts too. Extreme Programming group shared it on their site as a freebie and after some time they will make it unworking and delete it soon. (Because of legal rights. I don’t think Facebook would like apps like these exist on web).

So took me one long night until I made my plan how my version of this tool gonna look.

Facebook Hack Project VB.net

I decided to make user interface similar to the one above. User will have to enter a FB profile URL of a profile he’d like to get login password from. And a button of course to start the hacking process.

The most hardest part will be coding a program source (true story). I planned to inject a brute-force system into the app. I doubt the tool above uses the same method since brute-force is a way of attacking a login page with huge list of pre-made password list with all combinations until a working one is guessed. If password is complex and made of all kind of characters (numbers, words, special characters) this process can take ages to finish. This is what bothers me in my mind if a Facebook hack tool above from that guy truly uses brute-forcing. Because it’s one of the oldest hacking methods invented.

Update: My coding comrades, Conexio Team helped me to finish an Instagram hacking software and make it function successfully. You can check it out on its dedicated site – InstaRipper. It’s also available for review and know to more deeply about on this website’s page.

Currently the FB hack tool is left to finish. I’m working on it at the moment.

I’ll keep my research more deeply then let you know and post here any new plans and updates.

See you soon!