Xbox One Emulator for PC and Mac (Android & iOS Soon)

I feel proud to mention of being part of coding team who’s working on the Xbox One Emulator project which is supported to run on Windows and Mac. We have in plan to include Android and iOS in near future as well. But for now smartphones still don’t have their hardware specifications developed enough to be able to run this console games with their full frame and potential.

Xbox One EmulatorIdea of making this application comes from thinking if both Windows operating system and Xbox One console comes from same source; Microsoft. Then why PC wouldn’t be able to run these games as well (Think logically). And after that if Windows can run it, any similar operating system like Mac or Linux could have too. And then if it’s such easy to make this project possible and all these OS’s, then why mobile operating systems couldn’t do same as well? Smartphones are becoming more and more powerful every year so I don’t see a barrier why this wouldn’t be possible perform on Android Apk or Apple iOS devices.

Even now we’re witnesses how today’s mobile phones run all kind of high quality graphic games which were previously released only for desktop computers or consoles like first SONY PlayStation ones and so. Their quality has even improved so modern smartphones display them in HQ compared they looked pixelated before in their first versions.

How to Download This Software?
You can get Xbox One Emulator from its official homepage. Name is BolXEmu. Do a google search and you’ll find its official page easily. Download button is added there.

– Windows and Mac versions are finished and ready to play right away.
– Android and iOS versions are still in development and will be announced here and there when they get done.
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Enjoy and have a nice day!